Southeastern Biometric Fingerprint Touchscreen Keypad Lock Security Home Safe

Southeastern Biometric Fingerprint Touchscreen Keypad Lock Security Home Safe

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Key Features

♦ Adjustable Shelf : The acrylic divider is freely removable and adjustable, allowing you to allocate storage space according to the size of the stored items.

♦ Large Capacity: This large-size safe(Inside dimension : 17.52*14.76*10.63in) features a double-decker design with hooks and a frame on the interior of the door, providing plenty of capacity for your valuables. 

♦ Multiple Unlocking Options: It can be unlocked by fingerprint, digital code or key. If you forget the code or the battery dies, you can use the key for emergency opening. The three opening options enhance security and your convenience experience.

♦ Easy to Use: When fingerprint recognition or password input is complete, the cabinet door opens immediately and automatically, without the need for a handle, making it very convenient and user-friendly.

♦  Sturdy and Durable: It is made from high-quality steel in one-piece molding, with a plastic and powder-coated finish to ensure a long lifespan, so it is strong, wear-resistant, impact-resistant and rust-proof.

♦ Easy to Install: It has pre-drilled mounting holes on the back and includes the necessary expansion screws for easy fixation on walls, wardrobes and wall cabinets. 

♦ Thoughtful Design: With its curved corners and smooth surface, you can rest assured that it will prevent you from bumps and scratches.

♦ Easy to Clean: The smooth, flat surface makes it easy to clean. You can easily remove dust and stains with a damp rag.