Southeastern 1.5 Hour Fireproof Wall Safe Mechanical Dial Lock

Southeastern 1.5 Hour Fireproof Wall Safe Mechanical Dial Lock

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Southeastern Fireproof Wall Safe is 90 mins. fire rating, ensuring the inside temperature never exceeded 350 degrees F (paper chars at 450 degrees F), deeper interior than common non fire rated wall safes with a convenient pullout tray, combination lock with key operated locking mechanism. 
( Both Combination and Key required to open the door ) 

Recessed door so that the lock and handle will not stick out ensuring that pictures can be hung over this safe to hide it. 

Fireproof wall safe is designed to be installed in-between 16" on center wall studs. These types of fireproof wall safes require 12" - 15" of depth behind the wall for proper installation.

Regarding wall safe installation, Firstly need to have 
collar bolted to 2x4 studs top and bottom. 
After fixing collar to studs, slide fireproof safe in and using self thread sheet metal screws to the collar through holes on each sides.
The size of self thread sheet metal screws is up to your decision and not included.
This is not drilling safe body and just having screws on safe body for fixing, This won’t loose fire proof or water proof. 

Southeastern Fire Resistant Wall Safe Between Wall Studs
Outside: 19 5/8"H x 14"W x 15 ¼"D" Inside: 14"H x 8 ¾"W x 10 ¼"D, Flange: 22”H x 17 ½”W Interior Cubic : 0.76 Ft' Weight 85 lbs Tested by Swedish Testing Laboratories and as result as 90 mins. rating.